Scottish Prince Wreck

With the Gold Coast City Councils constant push for a cruise ship terminal to be established on the Gold Coast, the community once again has to fight to protect what makes the Gold Coast so special. Unrestricted open space land, beautiful clean beaches and a 130 year old heritage protected ship wreck are features that make our destination so appealing.


The new proposal indicates that the terminal will be constructed within 150 metres from this wreck, the Scottish Prince. With an expected 150 cruise ships docking per year this will possibly restrict diver access during the arrival and departure of cruise ships and most likely cause a large amount of sand and silt to cover the precious wreck.

The proposed terminal indicating how close it will be to the Scottish Prince wreck

The other issue that will arise is our concern for marine life that will be affected by the proposed terminal. The wreck has become a home and sanctuary for many species which is vital for the local eco system and as you can see by the video recorded on a recent dive it is thriving with sea life.

Details about the historic Scottish Prince wreck on the Gold Coast

Disappointingly, there appears to have been no consultation with the dive community or other community groups concerned with the effect on this pristine location.

This is a great site that is frequently visited by local dive operators, scuba clubs and the vast majority of scuba divers that visit the Gold Coast. Well worth protecting and preserving.

Phillip Park  is a favourite among the people of the Gold Coast. © C Level Media
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